• Andrea Bessa

Why you need the mind AND body for healing

We hear a lot of mind-body connection and the importance of it in almost everything we do. What if I told you that the mind-body connection isn't two separate things, but one system. Instead of viewing the mind and body as two systems that inform each other, they're one system that work as one to help us be more fully (and authentically!) in the world.

So why is this significant? Well if you want to grow and heal... you have to support the mind-body. It's why the word embodied gets thrown around so much (for good reason!). Our body makes our emotional experience tangible. See how they work together?

Now how does this apply to healing? Well, if we ever want to shift our victim mentality to one of embodied healing we can't approach that completely cognitively nor completely on a somatic (the body) level. It has to include both. Our unconscious behaviour patterns (autopilot mode) can shift when our survival stress physiology is also included and addressed. We have to learn and listen (with the right support) to our whole body.

A huge part of the reason why we get stuck in a victim mentality is because we don't know how to cognitively AND somatically work through trauma and/or haven't worked with a professional who can support us in both those areas.

If you want to experience this for yourself, I can help. As a therapist who works from a primarily somatic experiencing lens, I have seen many of my clients make sustainable progress in their trauma healing journey through this kind of work, as it allows for healing to fit the person and their unique whole body experience.

You don't have to feel stuck anymore- let's work together to get you out of your victim "stuck" state and onto a path of embodied healing.

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