• Andrea Bessa

The delicate balance of self-compassion.

Updated: May 27, 2019

There’s a delicate balance for self compassion. - Kristin Neff calls it the “yin and yang” of self compassion. The yin is tender, the part that allows us to be with our suffering. The yang is fierce, the part that protects and motivates. - More yin and we resemble more of a doormat, but more yang and we want to burn houses down. When we balance the two, we create a “caring force” that works to truly soothe and comfort ourselves while protecting us with boundaries. - Balancing the two parts is a practice and sometimes you do lean more to one side... I personally tend to fall more to the yang side, but my yin has been showing up to bring me back to tenderness, while still appreciating and validating my fierceness. - Remember, both are necessary to help us through suffering. When they are balanced, we can more lovingly connect with what’s happening for us right now.

Photo by Sarah Savile Photography

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