• Andrea Bessa

How to step into your power.

Updated: May 27, 2019


Photo by Sarah Savile Photography

The simple way to step into your power - Say no. You know that quote that says, “No is a complete sentence”? Well it’s true and it’s one of the many ways where you can step into your very real power. - Boundaries don’t have to be complicated. I realize implementing them is hard, even saying “no” is hard... but the longer you keep saying “yes” to shit you hate the longer you’ll feel powerless. The longer you’ll feel like you aren’t deserving of saying “hey, my lane is under construction and I deserve to have this respected.” - I heard this great quote saying, “The people who give you the most trouble for putting in a boundary are the ones who most benefited from you having none.” I carry that with me everywhere. - So even if you can’t say “no” right now, just know that you can and you have the right too. AND you deserve the respect that comes with that. You and your boundaries matter.

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