• Andrea Bessa

How to experience your true authentic self.

When you practice allowing emotions, rather than avoiding or indulging them, you are giving yourself the opportunity to experience your true authentic self. - "But Andrea, it's not that easy... emotions are scary." You're absolutely right, which is why I emphasize "practice." You won't get it perfect everytime and to be honest, that's not the point- awareness is. Getting stuck in between our defenses and emotions like anxiety, guilt, and shame, block us from experiencing authentic living. - So how do you allow? Start with the sensations... when you feel angry or when you feel joy, where does it show up in your body? Can you stay with it? Notice it without judgement. They key here is remembering that you can't control your emotions but you can control your reaction (although, it's okay if you don't- not striving for perfection here), which is why noticing the physical sensation with compassion and curiosity is so important. - With awareness and the permission to allow the sensations to happen in our bodies, we are better able to then offer ourselves what we need. Emotions are inevitable, positive + negative emotions. They are what make us human- our true authentic selves. So honour your emotional experience, it's what makes you, you.

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