• Andrea Bessa

A question to ask your inner critic.

Updated: May 27, 2019

A question to ask yourself about your inner critic... - What purpose does your inner critic serve? What does it do for you?Everyone has one and it can serve a variety of different purposes for each individual... however, when it comes down to it, it’s (generally speaking) really about keeping ourselves safe and (most likely) motivated to get our responsibilities done. - Listen, safety and motivation are very important functions. It’s not wrong to need those things and do just about anything to make sure we’re getting through the day. But bulldozing ourselves constantly gets really old, really fast. Think about your favourite teacher, did they cut you down to motivate you? Probably not. - A more compassionate self can help you feel safe and motivated a lot more effectively (and not to mention a lot more sustainably!) than any inner critic. - This is going to sound crazy, but thank it for what it’s been able to do for you all this time. At the same time, also know that you don’t need it anymore to get your needs met. You don’t want that critic in the drivers seat. - Remember, this is a practice, which means it’ll ebb and flow throughout your days. Just know that it’s not your fault that your instinct is to judge yourself and that a better way is available to you- you deserve a better, more compassionate way of being in this world. Always.

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